January 24, 2024

On Film: Kraków

30th birthday trip to Kraków and day trip to Zakopane, August 2023. Photos taken with Lomography's Sprocket Rocket 35mm using the Colour Negative 400 ISO Glow film and Canon Sure Shot Tele Max 35mm Point + Shoot using Kodak Gold 400 ISO film.

July 12, 2023

On Film: New Zealand

Back in 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to explore New Zealand for a whole year. I started at the very tip of the North Island and made my way down to the southernmost point of the South Island.

Wellington became my home sweet home, where I landed a gig at a design agency surrounded by the most talented bunch of creative minds. It was at a random bus stop that I met my best friend and a bunch of other amazing people who've had a profound impact on who I am today. I'll forever be grateful for the unforgettable experiences and the incredible folks I met along the way.

NZ, mark my words - I'll be back...

Cape Reinga, North Island

Mount Taranaki, North Island

Auckland, North Island

Wellington, North Island

Cathedral Cove, North Island

Mount Taranaki, North Island

Te Mata Peak, North Island

Queenstown, South Island

Nugget Point, South Island

Lake Tekapo, South Island

Lindis Pass, South Island

June 22, 2023

Walls of the world

Over the years I have travelled, I have always managed to find street art hidden around every place I have travelled to. If you look closely enough, you'll soon start to notice a new creative dimension down the most ordinary streets.

Madrid, Spain
San Francisco, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Lake Taupo, New Zealand
Paihia, New Zealand
Madrid, Spain
Auckland, New Zealand
Taranaki, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

June 15, 2023

On Film: New York

I'm starting a series of posts called 'On Film'. The series will feature photos that I have taken on my travels, using new and expired 35mm film. First up is New York City, June 2016.